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Even though she was going through knee replacement surgery and even towards the end when her mom broke her hip, Betsy was always there for us and helping make sure everything went right.

We were so happy to make it to the end of this journey with her and to have her there with us at closing. Thank you so much for everything!!!

Jordan Cunningham

Betsy was invaluable during my home search.

She is knowledgeable, punctual, supportive and willing to go the extra mile. I would call Betsy again if needed.

Vicki Patterson

We cannot stop saying good things about Betsy Murphy to anyone who will listen to us.

We were blown away by her speed, dedication, and thoroughness throughout the entire home buying process. One time we had a clarifying question about a property we were looking at and she told us she would call the sellers and find out after we finished touring. Little did we know she meant the SECOND we were done. She called us back with the answer before we had even made it halfway home. Betsy is a nonstop ball of energy and action and she is a force to be reckoned with, but she doesn't bulldoze you or pressure you at all. She just clears every obstacle from your path in order to make home buying so easy that it's fun. The woman actually legitimately broke her leg and had to have surgery out of state and she still managed to make us feel like getting us to closing was her highest priority. She is thoughtful and kind and she goes above and beyond. I don't know if world's best realtor awards exist, but this woman should get one. You simply could not put yourself in more capable hands than hers.

Sierra Buck

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